Luis Herdandez was born in 1987 in Canary Islands, Spain.  He had his first 35mm camera at the age of eleven and began filmmaking in 2002 when he was fifteen. He has been directing and producing film and video for nine years and he has become one of the most multifaceted and contemporary Spanish artist in surfing, skateboarding and lifestyle films. In 2011 he decided to start studying Digital Media at Eusa University from Spain but his love of film and photography brought him to Australia and explore new horizons.

He continued his studies  in Visual and Creative Arts School at Grifith University in Gold Coast. His first love is people. All of his projects, both stills and film, are the flow from this passion for capturing the nuances of everyday life. Best known for being the founder and director of the popular website BigotedTv and his work with Hurley  and  Quicksilver Europe as well as directing commercials and film projects for companies such as Nexo Surfboards, Dharma Company and Jart Skateboards.

Gold Coast | AUS

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